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I set up the UAV in my backyard today so you can get an idea of the overall progress.

The Ground Control Station (GCS), I wanted the whole ground station to be in one box so all I had to do when I got to the park was open up the box and start flying.  The GCS houses the following items:

  • Laptop running the ground station software.
  • Digi 9xtend modems.
  • Mounting point for 6dB antenna.
  • Bank of lithium batteries with 5V & 13.8V DC-DC converters.
  • RC controller.
  • PlayStation controller for augmented control.

Currently the GCS can recharge the UAV batteries 3 times.

Back View


Closed GCS case with antenna detached.




launcher and Ground Station




Internals, showing the sbRIO9606, battery pack and obligatory wiring birds nest.


The Millswood failsafe & RC receiver are mounted below the sbRIO9606.


Battery pack and downwards facing camera, note the camera is fixed looking down but in the future it will be on a a stabilised gimbal.


Bottom view of the camera.


GPS antenna.


Underside of the UAV, this area has taken a few hits during less than perfect belly landings.


Water bottle bay with parachute.


The code is finished however the control system (which comprises about 40% of the code) has not been tested with the hardware. I am currently waiting on the interface board to be finished so I can begin testing the control system code. The projected completion date of the sbRIO interface board is 6th of Aug which only gives me 9 days to debug the control system and complete the 5 autonomous flight hours deliverable.

At this stage I believe I will be knocked out in the next deliverable however I will be working around the clock and going down all guns blazing!