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I was able to (finally) get the Drone into the air last week and it went very well!

 The control system successfully stabilised the plane and directed it towards the desired waypoints.

 The flight time was cut short at around 11 minutes due to rain however this short flight has demonstrated the core capabilities of the control system.


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I have knocked up a quick little labVIEW app to do the following things: 

  • Acquire images from a Axis 207MW IP camera (wireless).
  • Snap photos and save them to file with a meaningful name.
  • Option to automatically save each frame as a .jpg (to create mosaics).
  • Record .AVI files of live flights to disk.
  • Perform target acquisition (for the OBC).

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Hi All,

This update contains some flight test results with video as well as software simulation and programming using the Paparazzi ground station.

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The plane was successfully flown in manual (RC) mode however the motor blew up approximately 2 minutes into the flight. The following footage (20 seconds) is of the plane gliding in for a smooth landing after motor failure (please excuse the camera shake my little bother was filming).

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