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Hi All,

This update contains some flight test results with video as well as software simulation and programming using the Paparazzi ground station.

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Just a quick guide outlining how to interface Paparazzi with the Maxstream 9xtend series of modems.


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Hi All,

As this is the first build log post I will describe some of the build and design practices that I will be using. Firstly I will almost always try and use existing commercial available off the shelf (COTS) hardware wherever possible as there are no prizes for "re-inventing the wheel". The lowest replaceable unit (LRU) will be at the subsystem level so that any problems with UAV subsystems can be repaired rapidly through subsystem replacement.

Okay lets get started!

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Overall outline of this guide:

1.      Hardware configuration overview.

2.      Outline of required components and where to buy them.

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Overall outline of this guide:

1.      Installing Linux Ubuntu 11.04, estimated time to complete 1hr (not including download time).

2.      Installing Paparazzi Ground Control Station software, estimated time to complete 45min.

Note: Ubuntu has a 6 month regular release cycle which means this guide will have to be updated to match the latest Ubuntu release. Please email me if the latest version of Ubuntu does not match the one listed above and i will update the guide.

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Here i will document my experiences building a paparazzi based unmanned aerial vehicle for the 2010 Outback UAV Challenge.

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