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I set up the UAV in my backyard today so you can get an idea of the overall progress.

NI Single Board RIO 9606

Single Board RIO 9606


National Instruments is providing Rescue Robotics with a sbRIO-9606 embedded computer & software for the 2011/12 Outback UAV Challenge.

The main features of the 9606:

  • 400 MHz processor with real time OS.
  • 512 MB nonvolatile storage, 256 MB DRAM.
  • Xilinx Spartan-6 LX45 FPGA.
  • 96 3.3 V configurable DIO lines.
  • Mezzanine connector to interface FPGA with custom daughter board.
  • 10.3cm x 9.65cm dimensions.
  • Can be fully programmed in LabVIEW

More on product page here: