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Hi All,

I am currently being plagued by PPM encoder issues so i have been unable to fly the plane yet but i have forced on and achieved the following:

  • Installed Autopilot and failsafe electronics.
  • Installed & tested water bottle drop mechanism
  • Installed and calibrated IR sensors.
  • Installed & tested GPS
  • Due to issues with the ppm encoder i have only achieved partial system integration however I am still able to switch between full-auto mode and full-manual mode via a workaround.

The jiffy box houses the Autopilot - Encoder - RC receiver - Failsafe device.




Electronics in a box.


The water bottle drop mechanism which is just a modified off the shelf item i got from hobbyking and the seemingly inevitable birds nest of wiring. The markings on the side of the fuselage and the drop mechanism indicate center of gravity for the three possible wing configurations of the Maja.


Underside of the Maja.


I reinforced the fuselage using 1.5mm carbon fiber.


The IR horizon sensor.


IR vertical sensor.


GPS mounted on the left wing. This position provides fantastic reception! Even inside the workshop I was able to see a few satellites.


Ground station modem in a box along with serial interface and a power supply.


I was able to fly the Maja via RC a few weeks ago and it went very well the video is below but its pretty boring IMO.

[video: 560x340] 

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