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Hi Guys

Just a quick update on the status of the IP camera vision software. I have added/fixed the following things:

  • Will now auto re-establish connection between the camera/ground station if the link is lost and then found again.
  • Any footage being recorded will continue once camera connection is re-established.
  • User inputs required for initialisation have been moved to a dialog box that is shown only at program start.
  • General interface neatening.
  • Cleanup of the code. 

Here are some screen shots:

This is the main interface, i have cleaned up and re-styled it. The empty white box on the left is where the controls/indicators for the target acquisition system will be going.



This is the initialisation dialog box that will pop up when the program starts. I have configured it this way to allow for future expansion of system initialisation requirements.

The Available Cameras box shows a list of all compatible IP cameras on the network. Note: this system is limited to IP cameras that National Instruments provides IMAQdx drivers for. Search on to find the most up to date list of supported camera, I am using an Axis 207MW.

The working directory is where the videos and images will be saved. I have also included a function to create a /pictures folder under the working directory. You can see from the path above that I was testing it by just going one level down each time I called the function.



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