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I have knocked up a quick little labVIEW app to do the following things: 

  • Acquire images from a Axis 207MW IP camera (wireless).
  • Snap photos and save them to file with a meaningful name.
  • Option to automatically save each frame as a .jpg (to create mosaics).
  • Record .AVI files of live flights to disk.
  • Perform target acquisition (for the OBC).

 So far the picture and video functionality has been implemented with the automatic saving of images to .jpg yielding very good results for future on-the-fly mosaic construction. Essentially the software just dumps the .jpg files to any user defined folder with the file name DD-MMM-YY HH.MM.SS.jpg. The user is also shown the last picture they took via the small image to the left of screen.

I have also been experimenting with overlays and I added a simple cross hair to indicate the center of the screen. I am planning on using this cross hair to indicate to the user a successful target find. Cross hairs will not show up in saved image/AVI files.

The video recoding functionality gives the user a choice of what codec they would like to use for compression. This list is populated based on the Windows registry of installed codecs.
A simple frame rate indicator and chart shows how well the link is going instantaneously as well as over the last 10 seconds.
A known drawback so far is that the images take approximately 300ms to reach the ground station from the camera, this means that the system would not be suitable for FPV flight.
I am hoping to be able to distribute this code very shortly (minus the target acquisition functionality) for free so stay tuned!

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