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The old bottle drop mechanism was fairly dodgy so I have re-vamped it.

This is tricker than it looks as the water bottle weighs greater than 500g which is a significant part of the aircrafts weight and mounting such a mass directly over the center of gravity difficult.

I wanted the simplest mechanism possible to hopefully avoid breakdowns so I went for a single lock-pin design see pictures below.

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So far I have been working on the general architecture of the ground station as well as some Google Earth functionality.

The ground station's architecture is centered around "missions", a mission is a collection of information pertaining to a single flight.

A mission currently contains the following information.

  • Flight initialisation information (i.e. where do you want to start from).
  • Flight waypoints.
  • Mission Boundaries.
  • Points of interest.
  • Recorded flight data (recorded path, speed etc).

The following series of screen shots shows the flow of the ground station program from initialisation to main interface.