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Here my video component of Deliverable 2 for the 2010 OBC. According to section 6.2 of the rules the video must show the following:

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Hi All,

This update contains some flight test results with video as well as software simulation and programming using the Paparazzi ground station.

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Hi All,

I am currently being plagued by PPM encoder issues so i have been unable to fly the plane yet but i have forced on and achieved the following:

  • Installed Autopilot and failsafe electronics.
  • Installed & tested water bottle drop mechanism
  • Installed and calibrated IR sensors.
  • Installed & tested GPS
  • Due to issues with the ppm encoder i have only achieved partial system integration however I am still able to switch between full-auto mode and full-manual mode via a workaround.

The jiffy box houses the Autopilot - Encoder - RC receiver - Failsafe device.


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